Yealink T46G IP Handset 01

Call Type Rate
Local Calls Included*
STD Calls Included*
Fixed to Mobile Included*
Calls to 13 numbers $0.40 per call


Service & Equipment Monthly
PSTN Monthly Access Fee $110.00 per line
Additional PSTN (per line) $110.00
Maximum PSTN Lines 10
Calling Number Display $6.60 per line
Line Hunt Call Circulate $3.90 per line



  • The monthly access fee is the amount that you pay each month regardless of your usage.
  • The maximum monthly cost includes local calls, national calls and calls to mobile only
  • Fair use policy applies. (Available on ourwebsite or via request)
  • Non standard calls include calls to 13, 1300, 19 and International calls and are charged separatley to standard calls
  • Calls to 13/1300 cast $0.40 per call
  • Calls to 19 are set by the number provider
  • International rates are available on 24 month contracts
  • Rebill Cap plans are available on 24 month contracts
  • Plans apply to all services/lines on the account
  • Early termination charges apply
  • Rates are shown inclusive of GST and are negotiable to suit your individual needs and or spend

Please Note: – of any new services charges – one off payments are priced from Telstra

  • PSTN line for Voice or Fax $299
  • Additional PSTN lines $179
  • In place PSTN to socket $59
  • Telstra Technician visit $125
  • ISDN2 lines (per NTU) $357

Please contact us if you wish to discuss our offers.