Fujitsu T208

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Fujitsu T208


VoIP Handset for the Tadiran Coral IP Telephony Servers

Product Description

The latest in Tadiran Telecom’s range of advanced telephones, the T208 offers reliable standalone IP telephone with full functionality and excellent voice quality. Basic features include multiple call and multiple line appearance, caller ID, speed dial and call blocking, while clear LCD display and programmable keys ensure optimal ease of use. The T208 phone also include an RTP encryption feature and support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and an expansion key module.

The T208 phone can be converted from SIP to MGCP and vice versa by downloading firmware. As SIP phones, they offer all basic SIP functions such as hold, transfer and 3-way calling, plus BLF status and speed dial keys, and provide further features via access codes. As MGCP, they support virtually all PABX features.


  • Basic Call, Hold, Redial, CFW and DND
  • 3-Way conference
  • Phone book directory
  • 4 Accounts
  • Attended transfer modes: blind, consultation, fast
  • Call blocking
  • Backup and outbound proxy
  • Local numbering plan
  • Local call log
  • Second line display
  • Control of LED indicators

T208 MGCP Features:

  • Support of combined audio
  • Support of virtually all Coral IPx and Coral Sea features using programmable keys
  • Full support of LED control by the Coral IPx and Coral Sea Softswitch


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