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Leader 1052


Leader 1052HS -Analogue Telephone Handset

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Product Description

Leader 1052HS -Analogue Telephone Handset

Product Description: The definitive analogue business telephone, the New Generation Leader 1052HS is a robust, solid handsfree speaker telephone with LCD display and headset socket. It now comes with a data port, and boasts 24 memories, an Integrated Message Wait Lamp (to indicate in-use, ringer, and voicemail), selectable hookflash, ergonomic design for stunning looks, and easy, comfortable use. Designed for the arduous business environment, the Leader 1052HS sets the standard in style and functionality.

Product Features:

  • LCD Display Headset/Speaker key
  • Headset port 24 memory (12 direct and 12 indirect)
  • Headset/Speaker switch
  • Clock and Timer function
  • Data Port Integrated message wait lamp (MWL)
  • Volume control
  • Mute key
  • Ringer volume control
  • Network and PABX compatible


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