Tador Keypad Operated Door Phone

///Tador Keypad Operated Door Phone
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Tador Keypad Operated Door Phone


Model: KX-T918-AV-LCD

The Tador Keypad Codephone unit is an intelligent telephone which connects to a PABX,

mounted on an office entrance which enables visitors to call any extension or to the reception.

Authorized personnel can enter by keying in an access code. On the other side of the system

any person receiving a call from the door phone unit can speak with the visitor and open

the door from his telephone extension by pressing a particular key. Opening the door

from the inside is possible by pressing a bypass push button.

Product Description


Easy installation, programming and operating.

Power failure resistance, keeps the programmable values in nonvolatile memory.

Controls a safety camera.

Can be programmed from any extension.

Programmable extension key to open door Ability to control 2 entrance doors instead of the camera.

Every extension can open the door by pressing a key.

Optional bypass exit push-button Anti vandal resistance.



Operating voltage: AC 12V 1000mA

Opening time: 1-99 seconds

Operating electric or magnetic lock. (normally open or normally close)

Size: under plaster 195 X 115 X 50mm (H*W*D)  On the wall 154 X 100 X 35mm (H*W*D)

Color: silver or bronze.



According to the door lock type,3 pins connector JM1 should be set Desirable DOOR state when entering valid code Jumper JM1 Close circuit (Normally open) for electric lock Jumper on 2 left pins (default state) Open circuit (Normally close) for magnetic lock One Jumper on 2 right pins After installing the lock in the door frame, route the following wires to the Doorphone: 1. 2 wires from power supply. 2. 2 wires from the lock. 3. 2 wires from a telephone exchange free extension. 4. 2 wires from optional bypass pushbutton. Using Phillips screw driver open 4 top cover screws, carefully pull up the panel. Using a screw driver, expose the 4 covered insulations bores and the round wirings bore. Attach the base of the Doorphone to the wall, using a pencil mark the 4 fixing points. Drill the 4 fixing points on the wall. Route the wires through the round bore in the base of the Doorphone. Using 4 screws install the base to the wall. Verify the power supply is not connected to power source! Connect the wires to circuit board terminals according to the circuit’s labels, the attached electrical diagram and the following instructions. Connect: Power supply to the two 12VAC terminals. To connect an electric lock: One wire from the lock to the RELAY terminal. The second wire from the lock to one of 12VAC terminals. Short wire from the second 12VAC terminal to the second RELAY terminal. (the RELAY functions as a switch) If you intend to install a bypass pushbutton, connect it between RMT terminal and the +V terminal. 2 wires from telephone exchange free extension to LINE.  the polarity of the wires is non significant. Reassemble the panel over the base.


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