ITS Cellular Gateway (Analogue interface)

///ITS Cellular Gateway (Analogue interface)
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ITS Cellular Gateway (Analogue interface)


Save mobile costs by using this technology Ideal for calling you staff & save money calling your clients

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Simply connect and save With so many cheap mobile phone plans available from the cellular carriers, you can connect your telephone system to the GSM network and take advantage of these cheaper rates to call mobile phones. The GSM gateway simulates a PSTN phone line to your telephone system. In fact, some new plans allow calls up to 10 minutes Free Mobile to Mobile. So by connecting your telephone system, you can avoid landline to mobile phone call costs. It’s easy and it save money !! Very fast ROI ! Features & System Operation Connection to Analogue Trunk – The system installs onto an analogue trunk line of the telephone system. When the line is selected, the unit provide a dial tone. The phone number dialed is then out put to the GSM network and the call is established Incoming and Outgoing Call features Toll restrictions – Define which cellular operator prefixes to allow and which ones to restrict Call Duration – Limit the length of calls to protect you from connections that are accidentally left open System Management & Monitoring DTMF Programming and Control – Configure the system parameters directly from DTMF telephone connected directly to the unit or Via the Telephone system. Configurable Controls & Maintenance CLIP / CLIR – Display or hide the SIM card number using Calling Line Identification/Restriction setting SIM PIN Control – Protect the SIM within the CGW-T/TS from unauthorized use if removed Roaming – Allow calls to automatically connect to the first available signal or restrick them to specific network operator Gain Control – Adjust high quality volume levels for both incoming and outgoing calls Reverse Polarity Support – for “B” party hang up if supported by the telephone system. See the Call Savings section from the main menu to see the explanations and diagrams


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